Task Force Recommendation: Two Acute Sites

Posted on Wednesday August 08, 2018

Capital Plan Development Task Force logo

At a special meeting on August 8, the Capital Plan Development Task Force presented its findings to the Board of Directors and recommended that the Two Acute Sites model be selected.

The recommendation follows 12 months of work by the Task Force, which to date has focused on Ministry requirements of Part A of the Stage 1 Proposal planning stage and specifically to develop and define three potential service delivery models, evaluate the advantages, disadvantages, benefits and challenges of each model, and recommend the best model for the future. The Board has been kept abreast of the Task Force process for the last year with regular updates and discussions.

The Task Force developed a report with respect to the service delivery model recommendation and gave a presentation to the Board on August 8. Watch the webcast of the presentation to the Board.

Having now received this recommendation, the Board will conclude its review and make an announcement on Friday, August 10.

Below are documents associated with the Task Force recommendation to the Board.