Capital Plan Development Task Force Update 1

Posted on Thursday August 24, 2017

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The Capital Plan Development Task Force met for the first time on August 21, 2017. There was excellent attendance and participation by task force members.

The task force received a background presentation explaining MAHC’s future planning journey to date, the role of the task force and a sense of the work they will be overseeing.

There was agreement that the schedule and required work would extend beyond the proposed March 31, 2018 timeline.

The task force recommended to the MAHC Board of Directors amendments to the Terms of Reference to reflect the current structure and membership of the task force. A further amendment to extend the completion deadline of the final Stage 1 submission to June 30, 2018 was recommended in order to best meet project deliverables.

The task force agreed to bring forward to the August Community Information Sessions an update on three proposed models of hospital care for the future:

  • Two Sites (Not Status Quo)
  • One Site Outpatient / One Site Inpatient
  • One Site (Centrally Located)

The task force discussed various criteria that could be used to evaluate the models. There was consensus that the draft criteria was a good start and would be presented for public input at the August Community Information Sessions.

The next task force meeting is scheduled on September 11. For more information about this task force, including membership, visit the task force web page.