Capital Plan Development Task Force Update #15

Posted on Thursday April 26, 2018

Capital Plan Development Task Force logo

The Capital Plan Development Task Force met for its 15th meeting on April 9.

Model Evaluation Criteria: The task force confirmed that its evaluation of the models would include equally-weighted criteria in five areas: patient- and family-centered care, financial, alignment with health system directions, municipal impact and community support. The criteria have been shaped by public input and sub-criteria have been defined, as well as the various data, reports and studies to help inform and support their evaluation exercise. Information about the approved criteria has been posted to a new Evaluation Criteria page on the MAHC website.

Reports: The task force received and reviewed a land-use planning report with respect to municipal land use and official plans. The report highlights a number of challenges and risks that building any model outside of either of the urban centres, ranging from land cost to development approvals and engineering challenges. The task force is seeking input and feedback on the report from the planning departments at the Town of Bracebridge, Town of Huntsville and District of Muskoka. The task force also received a siting report describing various options for building and/or renovating facilities based on each of the three proposed models. The task force identified the need to consider any anticipated future plans for the land surrounding the existing sites as part of more detailed analysis in the Part B work. It was also confirmed that multiple approaches to redevelopment would be considered including the potential for a phased approach.

Communication: The task force provided an update on its work to Muskoka District Council about its milestone to define the programs and services in the proposed models. Elected officials continue to receive information, and letters about this milestone were sent to each council across Muskoka and East Parry Sound with offer for representatives of the task force to attend councils to provide an update and to answer any questions.

The next task force meeting is April 30, 2018.