CEO Blog - Gearing Up for Accreditation 2018

Posted on Thursday November 01, 2018

MAHC Accreditation 2018 logo

MAHC is counting down the days until our 2018 Accreditation Canada survey in early December. Our teams have been busy gearing up for this external review where independent surveyors come to our sites to assess and measure our services and practices against national and international standards of excellence.

Hospitals voluntarily participate in the Accreditation Canada program to help ensure they are providing the best standards of care through a survey cycle every four years. Participating in the accreditation process is about constantly improving the quality of care we provide to patients by ensuring we are meeting national standards of care and receiving recommendations on how we can improve. These standards examine all aspects of health care – from patient safety and ethics, to staff education and training, governance and partnering with the community. Read more...