Blog: Building a Case for a Reserve Fund for Health Care Capital Needs in Muskoka

Posted on Wednesday February 14, 2018

Board Chair Evelyn Brown

This blog has been prepared by Evelyn Brown, Chair of the MAHC Board of Directors.

The Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare Board of Directors is drawing attention, through our political leaders, to the need for Muskoka ratepayers to start making investments now for future health care capital needs.

On January 19, Phil Matthews, Vice Chair of the Board, and I appeared before the District of Muskoka’s Corporate & Emergency Services Committee to encouraged the creation of a reserve fund for health care capital needs. Phil referred to this reserve fund as “a major asset that we don’t have today”.

The timing of our presentation was based on the immediacy of 2018 budget deliberations by the District. The purpose of the presentation was to highlight the capital needs of the health care system and to demonstrate the importance of broad financial support, both today and in the future. Our presentation concentrated on MAHC’s current capital needs and also referenced an order of magnitude for future redevelopment costs.

Our presentation was not for a specific figure or sum of money, but rather was asking consideration be given to creating a health care capital reserve fund supported annually by taxation. Read more...