Capital Plan Development Task Force Update #5

Posted on Friday October 27, 2017

Capital Plan Development Task Force logo

The Capital Plan Development Task Force had its fifth meeting on October 16, 2017.

The task force has been reviewing various current data, including where people come from who access MAHC services. Data with respect to population growth and travel times has also been reviewed to better understand the catchment area that MAHC serves. Ambulance data will be reviewed as well.

The task force discussed plans for a second workshop with clinicians. The first workshop was held in early September to review demographic projections, an overview of MAHC activity trends, preliminary analysis of travel times, and some forecasting of the various resources required for the programs and services that could be provided in the future.

About 80 different stakeholders have been invited to the second workshop to further explore potential programs and services with a focus on the two different two-sites models that are on the table for consideration, which are Two Sites (not status quo); and One Site Inpatient/One Site Outpatient. The purpose of the second workshop is to clearly define the two, two-site models and ensure health care providers from various sectors provide input to shape what those future models look like.

The task force also discussed different metrics to be used as part of the evaluation criteria for objectively measuring and evaluating the different models.

The results of the feedback survey have been collated and are being reviewed by the task force. Each member has been assigned a subset of results to review and identify recurring themes.

The next task force meeting is October 30, 2017.