MAHC Capital Plan Development Task Force Update 3/4

Posted on Thursday October 05, 2017

Capital Plan Development Task Force logo

The Capital Plan Development Task Force met twice recently, on September 25 and October 2, 2017.

The task force welcomed a new representative of the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation, Director John Curran, in place of Colin Miller. Recruitment efforts for a clinical representative to replace Dr. Kersti Kents continues.

The task force continues to track its work toward a revised timeline that currently envisions recommending a preferred model should not occur until the New Year. Therefore, the task force is proposing that the MAHC Board of Directors decision will not occur until the spring of 2018. A revised schedule will be presented at the next meeting   for task force support. 

An overview of MAHC’s current state of programs and services distributed across and between the two sites was provided. The task force received a historical overview of the two two-site models previously considered through MAHC’s earlier future planning work 2012-2015.

As the task force felt the one-site model was reasonably well understood, time was focused on discussing the two different two-site models that are currently being considered, which are Two Sites (not status quo); and One Site Inpatient/One Site Outpatient.

In response to community interest and questions, the topic of “centrally located” was discussed. The task force feels that many factors need to be considered when defining what “central” means including equitable access, travel times as well as geography. Further discussion on this topic is planned for future meetings. 

The next task force meeting is October 16, 2017.